Surprise Your Friends and Family with a PLAYABLE Invitation or Announcement

Bring YOUR Cards, Invitations and Announcements

“To Life”

It’s Easy

1.Select your invitation or announcement from ANY vendor.

2. Send us the final artwork (copy of the card) and we’ll connect personalized video content. 
Each video includes your special pics, names, dates and key info. See demos below.

3. Once activated, use the VidPic AR app to view the video in your invitation or announcement.

Use the VidPic AR App on your phone to view the demos below


Tap the play button to see the card come to life as it would through the VidPic AR App

How to Create Your Playable Invitation or Announcement

  1. Tap “Get Started” to complete the order form
  2. Select the video style for your invitation or announcement.
  3. Upload your invitation or announcement image (copy of the invitation/announcement)
  4. Upload up to 6 pics to be included in the video.
  5. We’ll invoice you for the purchase. Once we receive payment, your VidPic will be created.
    You will be notified when it is live. (Allow 1 week for development)
  6. Add printed Viewing Instructions in each envelope so your friends and family will know how to play your invitation or announcement.
    (Instruction artwork included)

Get Started